What To Blog About In 2019

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If you own a business, you’ve probably heard that blogging is an excellent way to reach your target audience, position yourself as an expert in your field, and help your website rank well for your best keywords. However, unlike other aspects of your online presence, blogging isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it undertaking. To grow your audience on an ongoing basis, you must regularly publish quality, relevant blog posts. But deciding what to blog about can be extremely daunting, especially if you’ve never blogged before. To setup your blog for success, you can employ a few easy strategies to keep your content fresh and consistent.

Your audience is looking for answers… So teach them.

If you’re an expert in a subject that’s important to your target market, consider writing a series of blog posts that teach your audience what you know. This provides something of value to your readers, and is a proven way to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. If you’re not sure where to start, you can write a “Beginner’s Guide” or an “Introduction To” blog, which can be helpful if your audience is mostly comprised of beginners.  

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You can also write a more in-depth “Insider’s Look” type of post if your audience is more knowledgeable. After that, you can create a series of blog posts covering different aspects of the subject in greater detail. Remember: You don’t have to be the world’s top expert in a subject to write about it. Your audience is waiting to connect with your message and hear your unique story… so give them what they crave!

Research what your target audience is asking about. 

If you aren’t sure what the most pressing issues are for your target audience, consider checking out forums where you’d hang out if you were in their shoes. You can find the types of conversations you’re looking for by searching Reddit subreddits, Twitter and Instagram hashtags, and Facebook groups. In these places, you’ll find your target customers asking questions, discussing their concerns, and posting about the topics they’re most excited about. You can easily make a list of potential topics for your blog after browsing just a few of these. The best part: You can revisit your favorite forums for new topics whenever you run out of ideas! 

what to blog about in 2019

Switch up your blog style to see what works best. 

You can experiment with different blog formats to see which ones yield the best response from your audience and which ones work best for your message and style. They don’t all have to be dry bullet points or walls of text. For example, you can make an infographic or a bar chart displaying relevant facts, statistics and insights instead of using only text to get your message across. A “How To” post instructing your readers with a step-by-step guide can be very useful while demonstrating your expertise in an organic way.

Lists can also be a great way to present your information. A popular approach is to make a list of your best tips about a topic – such as the top ten ways to accomplish something or the top five best products in an industry. You can even experiment with posting videos, podcasts, and photo galleries to make the most of your content.

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Revisit older content.

Did one of your older blog posts really resonate with your audience, go viral, or get a lot of comments? If so, you may want to write a follow-up post or a sequel. Did a blog post do well back in the day, but has since become hopelessly out of date? You can update it with the latest information to create a brand new blog post. This strategy provides you with new material while demonstrating to your readers that you stay on the cutting edge of information about your industry. Don’t forget to include links to your related older content in your new post (and vice versa) to drive even more traffic to your pages.

Use analytics to find your best content. 

If you’ve maintained a blog for some time, you can use analytics software to help you discover what content has been most successful. You can sort your posts by number of visits and visit length of time to see which posts resonated the most with your readers. Your most popular blog posts can provide an easy springboard for more content about the same topic. You’ll also be able to see what keywords your readers used to find your content on search engines.

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Don’t overthink it. 

Your audience is waiting to hear from you and to find value in your content. Blogging can be a dynamic two-way conversation between you and your best customers and your target audience. By paying close attention to what they’re telling you they’re interested in hearing about – either on social media or by their visits to your blog – you can write blogs that truly engage them.

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