Why Your Business Needs An Email Marketing Campaign Now

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After spending thousands of dollars last year to advertise your business online, you didn’t see a great return on your investment. Now you’re left wondering why there can’t be a way to ensure that your target audience receives the message you’re trying to get across.

Guess what? There is. Yes, we’re talking about email marketing.

While 2018 is bringing live video, virtual reality and other high-tech content marketing trends into the spotlight, do not underestimate the power of email. It may be two decades old, but email is still one of the best ways to reconnect with past customers, obtain new customers and boost sales. To be specific, tools like MailChimp are breathing new life into the world of email marketing and are making business owners think twice before they dismiss it from their marketing plans.

There’s several great reasons to give email marketing a try, and we’ve compiled them into a list for you below.

It can bring your campaigns more reach.

You can’t blame companies for putting lots of effort into promoting on social media. After all, Facebook currently has 1 billion active users. Of course, businesses want to go where the masses are. But numbers are only significant when they serve you, and it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

In 2017, the number of email accounts worldwide was estimated at 4.9 billion. You need an email address to be able to do things online. You even need one before you can set up your social media profile!

As you can see, there’s great potential for email marketing campaigns to provide you with a wider reach than you would get with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In addition, email marketing isn’t as saturated as these social media platforms are in terms of competition.

It ensures your message is read.

The fact that you’re actually able to get your message across earns email marketing a clear advantage over other advertising platforms, including Facebook. The recent algorithm changes on Facebook resulted in fewer people seeing business page posts on their news feeds. These changes were made to drive business page owners to opt for paid advertising. According to experts, only 2% of your ‘fans’ on Facebook actually get to see your posts.

On the other hand, when you send an email, you are guaranteed up to a 90% delivery rate! This increases your chances of having your message delivered to your intended recipients. Another distinct advantage of email marketing is that the people who sign up to receive your newsletters willfully provided you with their email addresses, giving you permission to send them messages. Unlike Facebook ads (which are shown to your target audience whether they want to see them or not), people are more likely to read your email because they expect you to send one.

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It’s budget friendly.

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote your business. For example, businesses that are just starting out or don’t have huge budgets will love tools like MailChimp because it’s free to use for lists of up to 2,000 emails. Even better: With a free account, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month! This makes it a low-risk introduction to email marketing. As your business grows (along with your email list), you can easily upgrade your free account to a paid one.

It has more potential to boost conversion and ROI.

Because email marketing campaigns allow you to establish trust with your customers, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to bring in conversions. The average click-through rate on email is 3%, which is higher than the average click-through rate on social media posts, which is 0.5%.

The fact that email marketing is highly measurable makes it even more ideal for online marketers. You can determine each campaign’s click-through rate, bounce rate, social shares, and more. Using this data, you have access to a point of analysis so you can make any appropriate changes to your campaign to drive more conversions in the future.

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It’s personal.

Think about it this way… Giving away your email address is a personal choice. When a customer gives you this information, you have the opportunity to build on this trust. They’ll be looking forward to receiving your newsletter, and have a genuine interest in hearing about your products or services. They trust in you enough to use their information honestly and without abuse. And as a business owner, you need to take that seriously. Make their experience with you enjoyable. Although building relationships through email marketing doesn’t happen overnight, it will happen the more you work at it.

As you develop a business marketing campaign using email, it is also a good idea to put a lot of effort into creating your list. Don’t just build your list; opt for a targeted one. This is the only way to ensure that you get the results you want when it comes to conversions. No matter how you collect email addresses from your customers – online or in person – you can use your list to send out special offers, updates, and coupons. You can also use this same method to provide information, links to new blog posts, and other industry news. It is up to you to decide if you send out one-off emails or on a per-schedule basis (such as once a week, or once a month).

Use email marketing to help your business grow

It will be around for good.

As you know, social media platforms are really popular right now. But will the platforms we have today perform well in 5 or 10 years? Take, for example, MySpace. It was the most popular social media platform in 2006. Fast forward to today – and MySpace is irrelevant. Web users have moved on to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Overall, email is more stable as a marketing platform. It is and always has been a preferred communication channel among regular and business users.

Need some help with your email marketing campaigns?

You’re in the right spot! We can write text for your emails, customize pre-designed templates available on MailChimp, and even design totally custom templates for you. Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s get your message out to your audience!

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