5 SEO Improvements Guaranteed To Boost Blog Traffic

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How excited do you get when your website analytics show lots of organic traffic coming in? We may sound like geeky business owners, but wow… it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment! If you haven’t experienced this rush because your site isn’t bringing in much traffic, don’t worry. There’s definitely things you can do about it. And those things are called blogging and SEO. We know what you’re thinking, though. You finally had time to write a blog, and now you have to learn about SEO. But like we said – no worries! Here’s 5 simple SEO improvements you can make to your blog posts that are guaranteed to boost blog traffic!

Use Long-Tail Keywords

What if we told you that long-tail keywords generate 70% of traffic on search engines? Yes, it’s true! Long-tail keywords play a huge role when it comes to search engine ranking algorithms. This is because they’re directly related to user intent. Think about it. People are constantly searching for answers to their questions online. They’re wondering where they can get things like…

SEO Improvements

“Hair extensions in Denver”
“The best Italian food in Boulder”
“More website traffic”

When a user types a 3 to 4-word phrase into a search, they’re usually being super specific. They’ve already made up their mind that they’re ready to do something or make a purchase – now they just have to find the best option. Why shouldn’t it be your company’s product or service? Using the proper long-tail keywords gives you the potential to get the type of traffic that converts.

When you optimize your blog post with keywords in your niche that people are searching for, you’ll have a shot at ranking for them. Keep in mind, though, that you should research how much competition your keywords have before using them. For example, you’ll want to rank for “hair extensions in Denver” rather than just “hair extensions” (which has way too much competition). Choosing keywords with high competition will make it almost impossible for you to rank in Google’s top 10. But if you choose wisely, you’ll be on your way to ranking.

Know Where to Place Your Keywords

Optimizing your blog for SEO also means that you must get strategic when it comes to keyword placement. There are four key areas in your blog where keywords are a must: the title, the opening paragraph, the URL, and the meta description.

SEO Tips

Search engines use the title of the post to determine relevancy in a given search… so make sure that it includes your keywords. The opening paragraph is also crucial for ranking, as this is one of the first few things that search engines look at when evaluating the relevance of a post. To boost blog traffic, you can also mention the keywords again throughout the body. Just make sure make sure that they sound natural, and never keyword stuff.

Including your keywords in the URL is not only good for SEO, but it’s also good for human readers. It allows them to know what the content is about before they even open the link. Finally, remember to include your keywords in the meta description. This is the snippet that is shown on search engine results pages when your post appears for a relevant search.

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Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Images

How boring would blog posts be without images?! Just remember that when you add images, you need to optimize them for SEO as well. Your images should be named using the proper keywords before they’re even uploaded to your site. Once you do upload them, make sure to add alt text to each one using keywords that you want to optimize for.

Why do this? Well, search engines like Google aren’t able to analyze an image’s content, so you literally have to tell it what it’s a picture of. After you’ve told Google this information, it can now include it in Image Search. Optimizing your images will not only help people find your photos, but it will also help Google understand more about the pages that your images are on. This will help boost your rankings.

Use Internal Links

Linking to other pages on your site from your blog post is also great for SEO. Internal linking can reaffirm the relevancy and authority of your blog content. For example, if you’re writing about how your salon offers hair extensions, you can link to other pages or blogs on your site that talk about hair extensions. Readers will then have a chance to explore other aspects of the same topic. Internal linking is also an excellent way to increase the amount of time that users spend on your website (in turn, lowering your bounce rate).

Blog SEO Tips

Engage Your Readers

This may sound like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s the most overlooked aspect of blogging. Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging. Blog to get your readers excited and engaged. Give them content that they’ll find intriguing, that they’ll want to share on social media. Creating a monthly content calendar can help you organize your ideas and set your goals in advance.

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